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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Some tips for life

One summer's morning not long ago a Delhi businessman stepped into the taxi, cheerily said 'Good Morning ' to the driver, and asked to be taken to the railway station.
'Mister,' the driver smiled backs broadly, 'you're the first man who ever said good morning to me. So, this will be your free ride.'
An easy way to prepare for a long and fruitful life of service to others is to make the most of countless little opportunities of doing acts of kindness and courtesy to your fellowmen.
DO IT NOW: Life would be more livable if more of us felt it a duty to be pleasant, how every things might go. Be pleasant, first from a sense of duty, and it will soon become a habit. If sulkiness, deceit, ill--temper, nagging can get a grip in character, why not pleasant ways?
If you cultivate a pleasant manner for no other reason, do so through self-interest. Solon knew when he advised the 'soft-answer rule.
In this world, what use is it to a careless man to have years of life if they are spent in the ignorance of their value? On the other hand, even a single hour of life is of great value if a man uses it in endeavoring for the highest good.

  • 1.       It is if the man is a hard-working, self- sacrificing, temperate, unselfish husband and father;
  • 2.       It is if the woman is an industrious, voted, unselfish wife and mother.
  • 3.       It is if the children honour, love and obey their parents;
  • 4.       It is if all co-operate and help one another to be a success in one's chosen vocation;
  • 5.       It is if those married and those anticipating marriage realize that marriage is a holy state;
  • 6.       It is if the spirit of charity and under-standing permeates the actions of all.
  • 7.       It is if all persevere in prayer to God.

Peace and rest at length have come,
All the day's long toil is past;
And each heart is whispering, 'Home, Home at last!

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